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3 Factors Tell Newbies How to Choose Running Shoes

Running shoes range from natural rubber soles originally designed for marathons, and long-distance running shoes with leather uppers, to spikes designed for sprint sprints with a gripping effect. Today’s modern running shoes have cushioning in the midsole and nylon in the upper to maintain breathability. Through the development of new materials and the improvement of process technology, running shoe production companies improve the appearance while increasing the cushioning capacity, stability, and durability of running shoes. So, how can we choose a running shoe that suits us among the many running shoes products?
Basic selection considerations
1.Protection, shock absorption, and breathability
Appropriate running shoes can provide good coverage and stability, so that the foot is not easy to shake left and right when it contacts the ground, moves laterally, or changes in the height of the road, reducing the possible damage caused by torsion; Good shock absorption and elasticity can absorb the impact from the road surface, thereby protecting the soles of the feet, ankles, and knees, while effectively transmitting the strength of the legs to the road surface, improving running efficiency.
The same breathability is important for distance runners. The feet are constantly moving and rubbing in the running shoes, and the blood in the lower limbs will be more, which will make the feet swell after running for a long time, and the temperature in the shoes will also increase. If it can’t effectively dissipate heat, it is really uncomfortable for the feet.
2.Abrasion resistance of the sole
For runners with long-distance running habits, the consumption of running shoes is amazing. The durability of running shoes not only affects the wear of the sole but also affects the structure of the midsole and the shoe body, which affects the function of the entire pair of running shoes. You can imagine that if the tires of the car are severely worn, it is easy to slip. Even if there are good rims and suspension systems, the stability of the driving is bound to be affected.
Second, the appearance of the running shoes.
That is factors such as style, color, pattern, style, etc., which are of course related to each person’s aesthetic taste. In terms of color alone, I tend to prefer white, black, and red running shoes. In addition, considering safety factors, it is recommended that friends who have the habit of running at night should prepare at least one or two pairs of running shoes with bright colors, such as green or white. Some running shoes also have reflective strips. These will make you more able to attract the attention of the vehicle driver when you run at night, and improve the safety of night running.

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