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Although running is a sport suitable for most people, but some aspects we needing pay special attention to

It can be said that running is a sport that everyone knows, because running is not only suitable for young people, but also many old people insist on running. In fact, running makes us gain a lot. It can not only make us gain a perfect body, but also make us gain a healthy body. Running can improve our cardiopulmonary function, so as to build a healthy body, So what should we pay attention to during running, do you know?

When running, pay attention to the running time and choose comfortable clothes

In the process of running, I believe that many people will not pay attention to the choice of running clothes. In fact, running clothes are very important. If you choose uncomfortable clothes for running, you will be prone to injury. For example, a pair of comfortable running shoes is very important, and the running shoes should be changed from time to time to ensure the healthy running of your body. The shoes are worn during the process, so if you don’t change your running shoes often, it is easy to cause injuries. At the same time, the running time is very important. If the running time is too short, you can’t consume the body fat. If it is too long, you may cause muscle damage. Therefore, it’s best to arrange the running time within 45 minutes or 50 minutes, This is a very appropriate running time.

After running, don’t forget stretching

1. Shoulder stretching uses the shoulders to swing the arms back and forth in the process of running, which will easily lead to shoulder muscle tension. At this time, shoulder stretching can help us relax the shoulder muscles. At the same time, it can better relax the shoulder muscles by stretching a little more.

2. Leg stretching can stretch the thighs and lower legs in an all-round way. When stretching the legs, we must maintain the stability of the body, rely on the core to maintain the stability of the body, and feel the stretching of the legs by shifting the center of gravity from left to right.

3. Stretch at the back of the thigh because the back of the thigh is the main force point, and it is also a reason for muscle tension. Stretch at the back of the thigh is very important. First, we can stand straight and separate our legs with the same width as our shoulders, then stretch our arms upward, and then bend over to let our palms touch the ground or soles of our feet to feel the stretch at the back of our legs.

Although running is a sport that everyone knows, many people will ignore the precautions of running. If they ignore the precautions of running, they will cause physical injury and so on. Moreover, after running, they must pay attention to stretching, which can modify the lines of legs and create a slender and slender leg.

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