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Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of running shoes according to different types

Running is one of people’s favorite ways of exercise, which is mainly due to the relatively low requirements for venues, equipment and technology, excluding running shoes. A good pair of running shoes is the basis to ensure the smooth running. So, what are the types of running shoes? Today i will share with you the whole introduction to the purchase of running shoes.

Jogging shoes

Jogging shoes are mainly used for jogging in daily life. The jogging shoes launched by businesses are designed for running,

It provides you with cushioning, breathability and perspiration during running, which is better than other sports shoes.

It is the embodiment of manufacturing technology, so jogging shoes are a bridge for you to touch many of the latest sports technologies.

Jogging shoes are mainly prepared for ordinary runners. It has a very strong protective design to avoid sports injury.

Features and advantages:

Cushioning, breathability, sweat wicking

Design life:

About 1000 kilometers

Training shoes

Training shoes are not divided separately normally, which can be said it is one shoes between jogging shoes and professional competition shoes.

General refers to running shoes that are suitable for medium distances, provide sufficient cushioning support, and are as simple and lightweight as possible.

This kind of running shoes is suitable for long-distance running lovers. Training shoes are lighter than jogging shoes, and their comfort, protection and service life are longer than those of racing shoes

The shoes are much higher, which can meet the needs of most people in training and even competition.

Features and advantages:

Suitable for middle distance running, with sufficient cushioning and light weight

Design life:

500 – 1000 km

Racing shoes

Racing shoes are running shoes that are used to wear during competition or training. Obviously lightweight, this design is more conducive to speed improvement,

However, some support and protection will be abandoned, the thickness of the midsole is also thin, and the durability will be much shorter than that of ordinary jogging shoes.

Most people don’t have to wear race shoes to run. They are for speed, comfort and durability, which are inevitably lower than jogging shoes

Features and advantages:

Ultra light, suitable for long-distance race, which is conducive to the improvement of speed

Design life:

300 – 500 km

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