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Can Air Cushion Shoes Continue to Wear After Air Leakage

Many people wear air cushion running shoes. But most people don’t know that we must choose the shoes according to our actual weight, because the air leakage of many air cushion shoes is caused by our excessive weight. Do you know that air cushion running shoes can still be worn after air leakage? Please follow me to learn about it.

First of all, running shoes are light weight and good look. Most of them are mesh surfaces. A small piece of rubber on the front sole will extend to the toe. Look from the side, the transition from the side of the shoe to the sole is relatively sharp. Compared with air cushion shoes, running shoes have no air cushion inter layer on the sole, which will not raise the heel,air cushion shoes will be more comfortable for running. Air cushion shoes have good shock absorption ability,and have more effect on the protection of feet and knees when we are in strong impact occasions.

There is an air storage arranged between the upper and the lower part of air cushion shoes. The air storage can form a ventilation device with the air inlet duct and air outlet duct arranged on the shoes. The outstanding feature of air cushion shoes is its shock absorption ability, better stability and maximum comfort.

If the air cushion shoes is broken, you can’t wear it for sports any more, because the force on your feet will be different during sports. If one or both air cushions shoes are damaged, the shoes can not play a shock absorption role any more, which is more likely to cause foot sprain, this is a very serious thing.

If your air cushion shoe leaks, you can ask the manufacturer for fixing. Of course, shoes need within the warranty period. Even if some exceed the warranty, you can find some professional shoe repairers to repair.

We can take different treatment methods according to different conditions of leaking air cushion shoes. For example, if the air leakage shoes is only a little air leakage. Maybe the manufacturer doesn’t repair it. We can use some adhesive to paste it by ourselves. However, in order to ensure the beauty of your shoes, better try our best to find some professional shoe repairers to repair them. If some serious air cushion shoes leak, they can be thrown away directly.

According to my introduction, air cushion running shoes can’t be worn if they leak, otherwise they will not only fail to protect, but also cause our foot hurt possibility.

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