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Can I Use Running Shoes to Participate in Other Sports

The answer is yes, any shoe can do any sport, the only difference is suitable or not. For example, we can also wear running shoes to go out in our daily life.

When walking, we usually land on the ground with the heel first, so the running shoes suitable for the heel landing first walking, it is suitable for daily wear. Each running shoes have height difference. If they are 10mm, they are also suitable for daily wear. The smaller the height difference, the less suitable for daily wear. Running shoes with front soles on the ground are generally not suitable for daily wear. If you really want to wear them, that is no problem, but the comfort is a little poor. In short, if you want to think both running and daily life, you should first choose suitable running shoes according to the place where you are running, and the running shoes with your heels on the ground are basically OK for daily wear. For running shoes with full soles on the ground, it depends on the individual running speed and the height difference of the sole. If the height difference is too small, you should try it on before deciding whether to buy it. In my experience, running shoes with a height difference of more than 8mm are not a big problem for daily wear. Racing shoes are not suitable for daily wear.

Can running shoes be used for climbing?

unsuitable. First of all, running shoes are special shoes for running, not for outdoor mountaineering. If you’re simply hiking and won’t climb mountains, a pair of running shoes can be used. But the comfort is not as good as a pair of professional mountaineering shoes. So from this point, the question of whether running shoes are suitable for mountaineering is obviously negative. Secondly, when we are climbing, it is easy to meet bad weather, such as wind, rain and snow. At this time, the running shoes is easy be filled with mud and water because they are not rainproof. The most important thing is that if the mountain road is muddy, a pair of running shoes do not anti-skid function, which can easily cause sports injury and even life danger. Therefore, from this point, running shoes are not suitable for outdoor mountaineering.

Can running shoes be used for jumping?

Yes, you can,. but pay attention to the anti-skid of the sole. Be sure to find with high friction shoes to prevent sliding in racing. It’s best to wear jump shoes, also called, nail shoes, because jump shoes have greater grip. You don’t have to worry about sliding. You can pour all your strength into your feet to achieve the best jump sport.

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