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How long is the service time of running shoes

Running is one of the simplest ways in daily life, so our running shoes are our most important partners. However, they also have the limitation of service life. The specific service life is described in more detail below.

Generally speaking, after a pair of running shoes reaches 80km, the shock absorption and cushioning effect of the sole is only 75% of the original; When it reaches about 200km, the shock absorption and cushioning effect is only about 65% of the original; When the mileage reaches 400-800km, the shock absorption and cushioning effect may be less than 60%. Similarly, the life span of shoes is also related to the type of shoes. For example, lightweight shoes or competition shoes will not be as durable as air cushion shoes. The service life of running shoe which has a lot to do with everyone’s running movements. If you like to rub on the road, you may broke the heel rubber in a week. The sole of running shoes is the most durable part, so it is not the most indicator of shoe life. The middle part of the sole is the real weight-bearing part of each part of the shoe. When this part reaches the “tired” state, we can conclude that the shoe has passed the best state. Usually, if running shoes start to be stiff, flat and lack flexibility, it’s time to replace them. If you feel like wearing a pair of slippers when running, you should replace it immediately for foot safety to avoid spraining your ankle.

If more cherish running shoes, usually do less intense exercise, at least you can wear it more than three years. You can’t stare at a pair of shoes. It won’t break under normal circumstances. You can also change your exercise volume. The life of a pair of shoes is 1000-1500 kilometers. If the exercise volume is large, you can change new shoes for 1000 kilometers. No matter how good running shoes are, their shock absorption, cushioning and balance performance will decrease with the passage of time. Generally speaking, the damage degree of shoes is the most intuitive factor to judge the service life of running shoes. When running shoes are consumed, there will be phenomena such as sole wear and upper damage. The midsole is the key to a pair of running shoes. The outsole touches the ground, and the sandwich between the outsole and the shoe body is the midsole, with a thickness of about 1-2 cm, which is responsible for cushioning the ground vibration. The most important shock absorption and support of a pair of running shoes is determined by the midsole. Even if the outsole or upper is intact, the shoes also lose their original function, so they must be replaced.

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