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How Should Air Cushion Shoes Be Cleaned, Can It Be Soaked in Water

The common way to clean sports shoes is to wipe the dust on the shoes with a clean cloth, then rinse with clean water to wash away the dirty things on the surface, the other ways is put them in a water basin. Add some washing powder inside. After a few hours, brush it slowly with a soft brush. If it is dry itself, it doesn’t need too many procedures. If it is dry by sun, wrap it with toilet paper to prevent discoloration, mainly yellowing. Do not soak shoes in detergent for a long time. In order to save trouble, many friends often soak sports shoes in shoe detergent for a long time, which will do great harm to shoes, so soak sports shoes in water for an appropriate time. In general, do not wash insoles. Insoles play an important role in shoes, especially in sports shoes. If the material of insoles changes greatly, they will be very uncomfortable in the process of sports. Therefore, when the insoles have peculiar smell, it is recommended to take out the insoles and place them in the air circulation for air drying, or even use footwear deodorization to remove the peculiar smell. If it is not dirty, it is recommended to wash the insoles under the faucet or wipe them gently with a soft brush. Do not use any shoe detergent. Otherwise, the surface may fall off.

Can air cushion shoes be soaked in water?

may not. Air cushioned shoes can be washed. Wet the upper with a soft toothbrush; Clean the shoes with a soft toothbrush dipped in soap powder aqueous solution. If the toothbrush becomes dirty during the brushing process, clean the toothbrush; Rinse the shoes with a soft toothbrush dipped in water. Note that you can dip more water, but turn the shoes upside down so that the water can drip out. After the shoes don’t drip, dry them in the shade. In the production process, people’s use habits and cleaning habits will be fully considered, and its installation is very strict. In general, when the shoes are particularly dirty occasionally, washing with water will not have much impact on the service life of the air cushion. However, from a professional point of view, it is not recommended to wash with water as far as possible. If you can not wash, you’d better not wash. When washing, you should also pay attention to the correct cleaning method. Now there are professional shoe cleaning agents in many places. Gently smear them on the stained places of shoes, and then wipe them with a soft brush or cloth.

Can air cushion shoes dry by washing machine?

Washing machines cannot be used to dry shoes. And most washing machines cannot be used to wash shoes. First of all, from the perspective of washing machines, most shoes are hard, especially the heel of shoes. Washing shoes with a washing machine can easily cause damage to the inner wall of the washing machine, especially the inner tank of the washing machine made of plastic. Moreover, in the process of cleaning and drying, washing shoes with the washing machine will cause great noise and damage to the washing machine. Health issues should also be considered. After all, the washing machine is used to clean clothes. During the wearing process of shoes, it is easy to contact some unimaginable bacteria when the shoes step on the ground, so it is easy to pollute the washing machine or other clothes, which is not conducive to personal health. From the perspective of shoes, most shoes cannot be cleaned by washing machine, because it is easy to cause damage to shoes. So think twice before using a washing machine to wash and dry shoes.

Can air cushion shoes be exposed to the sun?

Sports shoes cannot be directly exposed to the sun. Excessive direct exposure to the sun and improper maintain methods will reduce the service life of shoes. Generally, the soles of sports shoes are bonded with rubber. When the shoes are dirty, you can gently scrub them with clean water dipped in detergent, and then rinse them with clean water. Place them in a ventilated and cool place and dry them out to avoid direct sunlight. Do not use heating or fire for drying to avoid aging, glue opening, fading and serious deformation. If leather or rubber shoes are often exposed to the sun, aging may occur, but there will be no such change in the short term. It needs long-term exposure.

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