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How should we choose suitable running shoes for running in summer rainy days

Summer has come. This season is a good season for running, but it is also a high incidence period of rainy season. In most areas of this season, there will be strong rainfall, which makes it difficult for many sports lovers to run. Although you can go to the gym or the indoor to run, but for most runners, there is no such good condition, so it is very important to pay attention to some problems when running in rainy season.

We know that rain is bad weather for running, because it will affect your running rhythm and cause the danger of sliding to runners. There are many cars on the road, and there will be some unknown risk. So we won’t run on rainy days? In this case, runners should analyze specific problems. The principle is safety first, which can help us run together.

What should I pay attention to when running in rainy season?

1. On rainy days, we must wear socks, because when running, the rain will enter the shoes, and the soles of the feet will slide more with the shoes, which is easy to grind the feet into blisters. Choosing socks is also exquisite. Choose compression socks that do not absorb water and have good air permeability. It is also recommended to choose five finger socks.

2. Another very important thing is that in terms of running shoes, we should choose ones with strong grip, which is not easy to slip or fall in the rain. We should not choose waterproof shoes. However, for most people, first, we should prevent slip and pay attention to the cushioning function, so as to avoid damage to the knee.

3. On rainy days in summer, the temperature will be relatively low, so you should fully warm up before running. In the process of running, you should shorten your stride, increase the step frequency and reduce the strength of each step. In this way, you can reduce the energy consumption caused by slipping and the risk of falling. It’s best to run fast in small steps.

4. The choice of roads is also very important. It is best to use the rubber track or the road with flat road surface. However, when running on the road, you must pay attention to the passing cars. If the car is slippery on rainy days, it will encounter the problem of skidding. You must run along the edge of the road.

The above is about what we need to pay attention to when running in rainy days. In a word: safety first, running is for health. As long as we ensure safety, we can run all the time.

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