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How to buy a pair of suitable running shoes for yourself

If you want to buy a suitable running shoe, first of all – you must have a deeper understanding of your feet. We usually know our foot shape from the arch of our foot. By observing the shape of your sole, you can clearly understand what kind of foot you belong to. This is the first and most important step in choosing shoes. It’s actually very simple to know what kind of arch your foot belongs to. The fastest and simplest “wet foot test” method.

Test method:

Put some water into the empty tray – > put your feet into the tray and soak the soles of your feet – > step the soaked soles of your feet on a piece of blank paper – > Take your feet out and then observing


If you see half arch in the footprint, it means your foot is normal. This kind of foot runner usually rolls inward when landing, and the buffer is not enough, so the absorption of impact is not obvious. Your feet can wear running shoes of almost any size. Stable shoes are the best choice for you because they can give you the middle of the arch adequate support.

Low arch (flat foot):

If you see complete footprints on the paper, full and clear, it means you belong to low arch. This kind of runner lands on the outside of the heel and forms excessive varus, which is easy to increase the risk of excessive joint injury or pain. You need to choose a pair of stable running shoes with double density sandwich soles, which can give you better support and it is suitable for slight varus runners.

High arch:

If the outside of the footprint is narrow, almost interrupted, and the internal space of the arch is large, you can be sure that you belong to the high arch. In the process of running, the foot landing inward cushioning is not enough, and the absorption of landing impact is not enough, which has caused great damage to the knee in the past for a long time. It is recommended to choose neutral cushioning shoes because they need a soft sole to enhance pronator muscle to absorb the impact of landing. It is recommended to choose shoes with thick shock pad.

Through the above content introduction, I believe that all buyers can clearly understand their foot arches. I hope everyone can buy satisfactory running shoes

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