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How to Care for Genuine Leather Shoes and Sports Shoes

Now there are more and more materials for shoes, such as leather, mesh, canvas… However, because of their different materials and characteristics, the maintenance methods are also different. Let’s analyze the maintenance methods of shoes made of different materials.

Genuine Leather Shoes 

Leather shoes made of sheepskin, cowhide, pigskin, and other livestock skins are real leather shoes. They are highly breathable, stretchable, and extremely comfortable to wear. But the shortcomings of this kind of shoe are obvious: they cannot touch water, are afraid of moisture, and are expensive.

Cleaning method:

  • Use a shoe brush to brush off the dust on the upper, and then dip a little shoe polish or other leather cleaners to gently wipe the upper. Difficult-to-remove stains can also be removed with a little white vinegar. If you don’t have leather cleaner, use your conditioner to take your shoes from dull to shiny.
  • Use a toothbrush dipped in body wash or toothpaste to clean the inside of the leather shoes to remove odors, spots, and stains.


Never wear genuine leather shoes when it is raining, as it will cause great damage to the shoes. When cleaning, it is best not to use water, and it needs to be wiped dry immediately if it is sprinkled with water. If you have to go out in the rain, you can spray waterproof spray on the shoes, which can greatly extend the life of the shoes.

Genuine leather shoes are very elastic. If they are heavily pressed, the shape of the shoes will be destroyed. Therefore, they must be placed neatly and cannot be piled up when stored. If it is a boot, you need to use a toilet paper tube or plastic wrap tube to support the boot tube inside the boot or hang it so that it is not easy to deform.

Leather shoes have better ductility, and can also be used to deal with shoes of inappropriate size. If the shoes are small, you can put on a pair of thick socks and heat the leather shoes with a hair dryer to make them the right size.

Sports Shoes

Many people wear sneakers when they usually go shopping or take a walk at home. The trick to maintaining sneakers is to wash as little as possible. But you can’t go out with dirty shoes, and you have to pay attention to cleaning methods.

Cleaning method:

  • For sports shoes with a mesh surface, you need to use a toothbrush to penetrate the shoes, dip in detergent and wipe from the inside out, so that dirt will not remain inside the shoes. After wiping, just dry it in a cool and ventilated place without putting it in the water.
  • For non-mesh sports shoes, just wipe the surface with a damp cloth, then take out the shoelaces and insoles and wash them in water. It is also not necessary to immerse the whole thing in water to wash it, not only is it not easy to dry, but it is also not good for the shoes.
  • Because sports shoes need to be worn for sports, if the shoes are not cleaned, there will be a strong sweaty smell. How to eliminate them? You can sprinkle some talcum powder in the shoes, or stuff some grapefruit peels, and the smell in the shoes will disappear without a trace.


When the sneakers are not worn, the shoes should be propped up with newspaper or other hard paper, especially when they have been washed and dried. Newspaper not only helps the shoes regain their original shape but also absorbs the moisture in the shoes and dries them quickly. Sports shoes want to let dry quickly, and you can’t use a hair dryer to heat them, which will deform some parts in the shoes and affect the wearing experience of people.

The above is the little knowledge about the maintenance of leather shoes and sports shoes, I hope it can help you. Next time we will share more knowledge about shoes made of other materials, and you can continue reading if necessary. 

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