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How to Choose Outdoor Waterproof Shoes

It is easy to get wet shoes on rainy days, which is big trouble for people who go to school or work, so it is necessary to buy a pair of waterproof shoes to avoid this situation. The breathability of waterproof shoes is not very good, so when we wear them, we should not wear them for too long. When choosing waterproof shoes, look at whether the shoes fit, whether they are breathable, and whether they are supportive or not. Come and find out with me.

Are waterproof shoes breathable?

Waterproof and breathable are relative, so in general, shoes with better waterproof performance will not be very breathable. Waterproof shoes are a general term for all shoes with a waterproof effect. Generally speaking, the waterproof shoes we say are mainly two types of shoes. One is the traditional waterproof shoes with a special waterproof effect, which are worn on rainy days, that is, rubber shoes. The other category refers to all sports shoes with a waterproof effect. The waterproof shoes mentioned in the first sense will not be repeated here.

The waterproof shoes mentioned in the first sense will not be repeated here. In the second sense, waterproof shoes are divided into waterproof basketball shoes, waterproof football shoes, waterproof board shoes, waterproof sports outdoor shoes, and so on according to the specific footwear styles. Among them, the waterproof sports outdoor shoes with the best waterproof effect are none other than waterproof sports shoes.

The material of waterproof sports shoes is generally made of rubber with a good waterproof effect, artificial leather mixed with animal leather, and has the advantages of being waterproof, dustproof, wear-resistant, and warm. However, some styles of waterproof shoes have poor ventilation performance, so when we wear waterproof shoes, we can take multiple pairs of shoes to wear in rotation to avoid uncomfortable wearing experiences caused by stuffy feet. After wearing waterproof shoes, it is best to put them in a cool and dry place for drying to maximize the life of the shoes and maintain their good performance of the shoes.

How to choose outdoor waterproof shoes?

1.Does it fit?

When standing, the upper and sole naturally wrap the human foot, without pressing, squeezing, loosening, topping, or sagging, and the size is suitable for one’s foot shape. So the size of the shoes should be appropriate. The length of the shoe is suitable for a finger to be inserted from the heel to the heel of the shoe after it is worn into the shoe. Since the height of the instep of each person is different, it is appropriate for the upper to be close to the foot without pressing the foot.


Adequate breathability will keep your feet dry and comfortable. In outdoor sports, the feet bear the full weight of the body and the backpack, supporting the human body to carry out all activities, and it is one of the most active parts of the human body. During the journey, after the feet move, the temperature of the feet will increase rapidly, and perspiration will also increase greatly.


To adapt to the complex outdoor terrain and meet the load-bearing conditions of mountaineering or hiking, outdoor shoes must have good support. In a good pair of outdoor shoes, the upper part usually adopts a compact design, and each part of the upper can be reliably combined with the surface of the foot. This can not only make the wearer feel very comfortable but also better overcome the scattered force of the foot to the surrounding, to support the vertical force of the foot and achieve the purpose of enhancing the supporting force.

4.Shock absorption

It can effectively absorb the vertical pressure of the human body and resist the impact of hard ground, making you feel relaxed when walking. When a person walks under load, each foot takes about 600 to 700 steps per kilometer. This means that for every kilometer you walk, one foot is subjected to 600 to 700 gravitational impacts. If the shoe does not have a good shock absorption system to absorb the shock, the feet must be tired after a day of travel. And good shock absorption can not only effectively absorb the vertical pressure of the human body, but also the strong outsole can effectively resist the impact of hard ground so that you feel relaxed when walking. In addition, fatigue from walking is often caused by the impact of the ground on the brain. Good shock absorption can also reduce the vibration of the ground facing the brain, greatly reducing fatigue.


The lightness allows the wearer to feel that the shoe and foot are integrated and walk easily. The lightness allows the wearer to feel that the shoe and foot are integrated and walk easily. For every 1 gram of shoe weight, the burden on the foot is equivalent to adding dozens of grams of weight on the back of a person. Excessive outdoor shoes make the wearer often only have to drag their feet when they walk, which is inconvenient to lift their feet, and even often sprain their ankles because they cannot walk freely.


Hikers often encounter rain, crossing creeks, glaciers, or muddy puddles. Wet feet are prone to slipping, blisters, and cold if your shoes get wet. Especially in a cold environment, wet shoes will freeze and hard overnight, and the wet shoes will become heavy. Therefore, if you are walking in the rainy season or on a muddy road, outdoor shoes with waterproof performance are very necessary.

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