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How to Choose the Right Basketball Shoes for You

As we all know, basketball is an extremely strenuous sport. It can be described as back and forth, jumping up and down, tossing and turning, and there is no time to rest. This puts a lot of pressure on my feet, and I accidentally get injured. Therefore, if you are serious about playing basketball, it is very necessary to buy a pair of basketball shoes that suit you. In addition, a pair of dazzling basketball shoes are also a big attraction for girls watching the game on the sidelines.

  1. Choose according to your position on the field.

Guards (PG&SG) and small forwards (SF) are characterized by fast speed and sudden changes, interspersed in various positions on the field to find opportunities. If you belong to this type, the basketball shoes you need should focus on a light shoe body (reduce weight during running), shoe shape to wrap the foot, outsole should be stable, pay attention to comfort, most of them are mid-top basketball shoes. Strong offensive center (C) and power forward (PF), this type of person has the characteristics of more body contact, more twist, and weight. The basketball shoes you need should pay attention to a strong upper, good midsole twist, and ankle support. Players in this position generally wear high-top basketball shoes with good midsole shock absorption.

  • Buy basketball shoes according to the venue.

Wooden floor:

Most of the outsole of sneakers suitable for sports on indoor wooden floors have lighter arrow patterns. The shoes with the arrow pattern have a larger contact area with the floor, and the other is to provide strong stability.

PU plastic floor, cement floor:

Sneakers suitable for playing on outdoor concrete or plastic floors should consider the durability of the outsole, shock absorption, shock absorption and grip. In particular, those who often play on PU plastic courts should choose a sole with a thicker texture, which will have a better grip and be more wear-resistant.

  • More attentions

Shock absorption: This technology is reflected in the forefoot air cushion, which is generally used in guards and small forwards. In the process of playing, they have several times more sudden stops and brakes than the center power forward, which brings a huge load to the knees and ankles. Therefore, the shock absorption capability of the forefoot is also reflected here. Shoes with forefoot shock absorption can more effectively relieve the weight of the human body on the knees and better protect the knees. And center players are more likely to choose a midsole shock absorber.

Stability: Stability includes insole wrap, midsole support, outsole support and grip. A pair of shoes that are suitable for you must have an insole suitable for your foot, the insole should be directly attached to the foot, the midsole and the outsole should be supported smoothly, not roll over, and must have a certain degree of wrapping. Power-aggressive athletes and long-range athletes also tend to prefer stability in this type of shoe. The stable midsole and outsole are thinner and closer to the ground, wrapping your foot snugly, with grip for acceleration and good ground contact during emergency stops.

Material and weight: Now the soles are light mixed material uppers. This upper is usually made from a combination of strong, durable leather and a breathable, flexible synthetic mesh. A good insole is made of molded EVA, polyurethane, or a combination of both, which provides good shock absorption and breathability. The outsole of modern sneakers is more of a synthetic material using TPU. In addition, to wear resistance, its characteristics are lighter and more shock-absorbing. When choosing shoes, you can choose different fabrics according to your personal preferences.

Breathability: Good uppers must be made of genuine leather, which is related to sweat absorption and exhaust. For the sneakers that ordinary people need, the upper must be soft, tough, and breathable. Then the insole of the shoe can of course (including the insole). In addition to the basic functions of shock absorption and shock absorption, it is also necessary to consider whether the material is breathable, whether it is integrated, etc., which can greatly reduce sports injury to the foot and protect the athletes for long-term sports. with a revolutionary body.

Shoelaces: Shoelaces are used to enhance the stability of the shoe, so shoelaces are also a factor worth considering. To increase the stability of the shoe and shoelaces are always being introduced. Now there are more convenient Velcros on many shoes. This design also reflects the humanization of bad products. It is a good choice for children who can’t tie shoelaces, and it achieves excellent performance on wrapping. A good lace-up construction can find a comfortable fit that is not too loose or too tight for a firmer, more tucked foot in motion.

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