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How to clean sports shoes to make them look like new ones

People who love sports will have several pairs of sneakers. However, sports shoes will become dirty after long-time wear, and they need to be cleaned at this moment. The cleaning of sports shoes is not complicated, but the process is very important, mainly in the following aspects

1、 How to wash sports shoes

The first is rough cleaning. Use a soft cloth or brush to clean the dust or mud on the surface, especially the mud on the edge of the sole. The mud on the sole should be scraped off with something. Rough cleaning does not need to be very carefully. Large mud should be removed. Prepare half a basin of clean water and add an appropriate amount of washing powder. Take out the insole of sports shoes and deal with it separately. Soak the shoes in clean water for a while Don’t soak them for too long, which may lead to degumming. Then clean inside and outside with a soft brush. It is best to change the water several times until it is clean.

If the insole is not dirty, it can be placed in a ventilated place to remove the odor. If it is dirty, it can be brushed with soft cloth in clean water. Don’t use too much force or detergent, so as not to cause the insole to deform and the surface layer to fall off. Wash and dry. Do not expose to the sun. Dry the washed shoes with force, or you can use a washing machine. After drying, put them in a ventilated place to dry. Do not expose them to the sun. After drying, you can apply some emulsified oil to protect the upper, and then save them. All right, that’s it

2、 What if the sneakers turn yellow

Put desiccant: because white shoes are easy to turn yellow after being placed for a long time, you should put some desiccant in your shoes when saving. Many friends will feel that there is no desiccant. In fact, there are some desiccants in many food packaging bags. You can put these desiccants in place to save our shoes, which is very useful.

3、 Sports shoes maintenance tips

1. When you haven’t worn it, you should start maintenance. Plug shoes such as shoelaces or newspapers to maintain the shape of the shoes. Cover the upper with a protective film to maintain its beauty.

2. Do a good job in daily maintenance.

3. When wearing shoes, it is best to place them in a ventilated place for one day, so that the shoes can have enough time to dry.

4. Nylon mesh and artificial leather on shoes are relatively easy to maintain. They can be washed by sailors. It is best not to soak them in washing machine or water.

5. In order to prolong the life of shoes, wash as little as possible.

6. No matter how durable the shoes are, they can’t afford to wear every day, and they also need to rest

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