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How to Maintain Shoes of Three Different Materials

In the previous article, I introduced the maintenance methods of leather shoes and sneakers. Today, let’s talk about the maintenance methods of three other shoes made of different materials—canvas shoes, patent leather shoes, and sandals.

Canvas shoes 

In addition to the most worn leather shoes, everyone must have a pair of canvas shoes. Canvas shoes are relatively cheap, soft, and easy to wear, but they are also very easy to wear out, easy to turn yellow and fringe.

Cleaning method:

  • The upper of canvas shoes should be cleaned with a neutral detergent, such as laundry detergent, shower gel, etc., and must not be cleaned with soap and detergent, otherwise, the fabric will become hard and it will not be so easy to wear. It is recommended that the laces and uppers of canvas shoes can be cleaned separately.
  • If the upper is white, after cleaning, you can spread a layer of toilet paper on the upper and let it dry in the sun. This will prevent direct sunlight from yellowing your white shoes and prevent the rubber parts of your shoes from becoming brittle.

Cleaning is of course not as good as prevention. The best way to keep your white shoes clean is to apply a layer of wax to them. Whether it is the white shoe spray bought in the supermarket or the candles you have at home, you can apply a layer of wax to the white shoes, which can last for several weeks without being dirty or wet!

Evenly rub a layer of wax on the white shoes. Then use a hair dryer to heat the wax on it, so that it can be evenly distributed on the small white shoes and become complete and smooth. After that, no matter how much water and dirty things are sprinkled on it, don’t be afraid!

Patent leather shoes

The surface of patent leather shoes does not absorb water, and it is not easy to get dirty, and it can be cleaned as soon as you wipe it. However, patent leather shoes are also more prone to yellowing, residual fingerprints, and easy scratches.

Cleaning method:

Wipe off the dust on the upper with a soft cloth, and then use 70% water, 20% hand sanitizer, and 10% alcohol to prepare a cleaning agent, soak the soft cloth, wipe it gently, and then dry it, the patent leather shoes will be completely new. 


Don’t wear patent leather shoes for days on end. Because such shoes are not breathable and have no sweat-wicking function, continuous wear is not only easy to deform, but also easy to breed bacteria. 

Patent leather shoes should not be stacked with other items as the leather may stain the color of other shoes. It is also best not to expose the shoes to the sun, otherwise, they will turn yellow, crack and age.

For patent leather shoes, if the skin is accidentally cracked or stained with other variegated colors, you can use nail polish to repair it, which has a very good effect! 


Summer is over, have you stored all your sandals? If you don’t store them properly, you will have a little mildew waiting for you when you take them out the next year.

Cleaning method:

  • Do not wipe the upper of the sandals with a damp cloth, and do not wash them in water, as this will harden and deform the soles. You should use a cloth dipped in a certain amount of toothpaste or shower gel and wipe it gently.
  • For sandals made of fabric, be sure to dry them in the shade before putting them in the cabinet to avoid mildew. If conditions permit, the sandals must be propped up with shoe supports to avoid deformation.
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