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How to Refresh Your Travel Shoes

It is the best choice to wear light and breathable sneakers when traveling. Many people also like to wear sneakers for leisure. However, after going out and returning home, the shoes are often dirty, and some white sneakers are easy to turn yellow even after cleaning. In fact, as long as you master the correct method of washing shoes and some tips for maintaining shoes, you can easily restore your sneakrts to a clean and tidy condition. The following are some methods of cleaning sneakers for you.

1.How to wash sneakers of different materials?
Mesh sneakers cleaning method:
The upper material of the mesh sneakers is chemical fiber. After soaking in water, add some laundry detergent, and then gently scrub the inside with a soft brush. To prevent damage to the mesh surface, use a soft brush.

Leather sneakers cleaning method:
Some sneakers are made of cowhide or sheepskin and cannot be soaked in water. There are special decontamination creams on the market, which can be bought and wiped back and forth, and the surface can be wiped clean. For the inside of the shoes, use a damp cloth with some alcohol to wipe back and forth, and change the insole frequently. It should be oiled frequently to ensure the toughness and brightness of the leather.

Scrub and suede sneakers cleaning method:
Use an unused toothbrush or other brush, and brush lightly on the surface of the shoe, but keep it in the same direction. For the dirt on the upper, use a paper towel with good toughness to dip the detergent, and then wipe the upper. After wiping, use the same method to clean the detergent with water.

2.How to wash white when the sneakers turn yellow?
Toothpaste whitening:
Brush the shoes with clean water, squeeze the water dry and apply white toothpaste evenly to the shoes. There is no need to brush out the foam, just wipe it evenly, and you can wipe more on the yellow edge. Then lightly brush with a brush, then rinse and blow dry. However, this method does not have much effect on the more serious yellowing.

Beer soaking:
The way to remove the serious yellowing of the shoes is to repeatedly wash the shoes in clean water. After washing, soak them in beer for about three minutes. Then wrap it all up with white toilet paper and put it in a cool place to dry.

Bleach plus white vinegar washing method:
When the edges of the shoes are more yellow, you can use bleach and white vinegar to clean them. Soak the shoes in diluted bleach for ten minutes. Pour white vinegar into a cup, moisten a paper towel or cloth with bleach or white vinegar, and tape it along the edge of your shoe. Cover the shoes with a dry tissue and let them dry in the sun to remove the yellowing of the edges of the shoes. Cover the shoes with a dry tissue and let them dry in the sun to remove the yellowing of the edges of the shoes.
Tips: Read the instructions carefully, some bleaching water cannot be used to clean shoes and can be corrosive to shoes.

3.How to clean up the oil on the sneakers?
Shampoo cleaning:
The shampoo has a good degreasing effect. You can squeeze a little shampoo on the oily area to clean it. The cleaning effect is much better than that of washing powder.

Gasoline cleaning:
Gasoline has the function of removing oil stains. Although the smell is relatively strong, it can be removed with a few laundry detergents. Gasoline is flammable, you can scrub it with a small amount of gasoline first, but it should be noted that there should be no ignition sources around.

Soap cleaning:
After shredding the soap, wash it with boiling water, and then rub the shoes in soapy water. The soap has the effect of removing oil stains.
Tips: If the shoes are stained with oil, first wash off the oil stains and then carry out the subsequent cleaning. Do not wash all the oil stains with water after cleaning, which will only make them dirtier.

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