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Professional athletes teach you 13 tips for deodorizing your sneakers

Sports shoes are a favorite item for everyone. They are comfortable and casual to wear But sports shoes will have bad smell after wearing them for a long time. What are the tips for deodorizing sports shoes? Here are 13 tips for deodorizing your shoes which consulting by professional athletes, hoping to help you

1. Treat with cotton that dipped in alcohol. Before going to bed every night, dip cotton cloth with a little alcohol, evenly smear it on the taken off sneakers, wear it until it is dry on the next morning. This way to deodorizing bad smell by taking advantage of the volatile of alcohol. After two weeks, the shoes will not have bad smell

2. Press a few hygiene balls into powder, sprinkle them on the cleaned shoes, and then put a insole on them. In this way, it is not easy to have a stink feet when you wear them. The powder of hygiene balls is very effective in removing the stink in sports shoes

3. Remove the odor of shoes with camphor pills. Take a piece of hard paper, wrap the camphor pills, find a tool to crush them, sprinkle the camphor pill powder evenly inside the shoes, and put a insole on it. A pair of shoes only need about one camphor pill. In this way, the inside of the shoes can be kept dry and the odor of shoes will disappear. The effect is amazing

4.Choose a pair of 100% cotton socks. Taking advantage of the strong sweat absorption of cotton socks can also make your sports shoes smell free. Of course, you must remember to change your socks every day and clean them

5. You can buy alum powder from the pharmacy and pour some alum powder into your shoes to deodorize

6. Dry the charcoal and put it in the shoes for 10 to 15 minutes, then clean the inside and put it in a cool place for ventilation. It can also solve the problem of smelly sneakers

7. Put the preservatives in snacks (many puffed foods and dried fruits are packaged with it) directly in your shoes, so that it can absorb the stench inside your shoes. Note: it is disposable. For example, take off your shoes and put them in it, and throw them away when you wear shoes the next morning

8. Before going to bed every night, put the quicklime powder into a small cloth bag and put it into the shoes to absorb moisture. The lime bag can also kill the germs in the shoes, play a certain role in removing the odor of shoes, and can be used repeatedly

9. Wrap some dried tea leaves with gauze and put them into the sneakers to clean,tea leaves after being dried in the air, are wrapped in a sand cloth, and put into shoes, which also has the effect of deodorizing

10. White vinegar can remove the stink of socks, socks are easy to have stink. Pour a little white vinegar into the water for washing socks, soak it for a while, and then wash it with clean water. This can not only remove the stink, but also kill bacteria

11. If your shoes are usually put in the shoe cabinet when you don’t wear them, you can put a piece of soap in the shoe cabinet to achieve the deodorization effect

12. For shoes with damp inside, put the shoes in a ventilated place, or use a hair dryer to dry the shoes thoroughly. If there is no time, you can spray the deodorant that deodorizes the shoes through the door into the shoes

13. People with sweaty feet often feel wet and uncomfortable when they wear shoes. There will always be moisture and sweat residue in the shoes they wear. It’s troublesome to dry them in the sun, but it will also be affected by the weather. Using a good shoe care machine can quickly remove the moisture in the shoes. The odor will make the shoes dry and fresh after care When it’s cloudy and rainy, the shoes are wet by water and can’t be dried for several days. You can use a high-quality shoe care machine to dry the shoes, which is very convenient

Generally speaking, after wearing sports shoes for a long time, it is easy to produce unpleasant smell. Therefore, it is recommended to change sports shoes frequently and pay attention to ventilation and maintenance. Good habits can also make your sports shoes more durable The most important thing is to ensure personal hygiene, wash your feet every day, keep your feet clean, change your socks every day, and regularly clean and replace your insoles, so as to truly deodorize

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