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Running health tip, correct posture and methods of running

Running is the most common sport in our life. At the same time, running is also an effective sport way of aerobic breathing. With the continuous attention of the public to physical health, running has become more and more popular. Running correctly can not only promote blood circulation and metabolism, but also improve cardiopulmonary function and immunity. However, running blindly may hurt knees and other joints and damage your health. Therefore, it is particularly important to master the correct running methods and run scientifically. I hope this will help everyone who loves running

1、 Choose the right way to run

In fact, running can be divided into different types according to different standards. It can be divided according to the length of running distance

β—† run smoothly

This is our most common way of running. Runners use natural speed for short or medium distance running. When running, they breathe evenly and the speed is relatively stable.

β—† jogging

Also known as jogging, it completes a long distance through a slow pace, so as to achieve the purpose of warm-up or exercise. Jogging is a medium-intensity aerobic exercise.

β—† long distance running

It is mainly through long-distance running to achieve the purpose of exercising cardiopulmonary function and self endurance. Generally, the length and duration of long-distance running mainly depend on the endurance level of runners.

β—† variable speed running

Also known as interval running, it mainly adopts different pace at different stages through the actual situation and their own physical conditions in the process of running, so as to stimulate the lung function to the greatest extent and achieve the purpose of exercise.

2、 How to run correctly

β—† selection of running time

Running in the morning and running at night are beneficial to us, and the difference between them is not very big. After a night’s sleep, running in the morning can help us cheer up, make our brain active in advance, and better enter the state of work and study. The advantage of running at night is that compared with the morning, the metabolic rate of the human body at night is faster than that during the day, and the oxygen content in the air is relatively high, which can improve our running comfort. The choice of running time varies from person to person, and the most important thing is to choose the time suitable for yourself.

β—† choice of running location

Generally, it is more suitable to run in open sports places such as parks, playgrounds and runways. Try not to run on sidewalks or roadsides. There are many people and vehicles on the road, which is not conducive to the safety of runners. If there is no sports place near the house, you can also choose to buy a treadmill and run at home.

β—† choice of running intensity

The intensity of running varies from person to person. You need to determine the distance and pace of running according to your own situation. Avoid blindly pursuing long distance and high pace.

β—† selection of running equipment

Generally, special running shoes are suitable for running, which can not only make you feel comfortable, but also protect your ankles and feet. Running should also be equipped with fast drying clothes, so that it will not be too uncomfortable when sweating, and can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria.

β—† choice of running posture

Running posture affects not only the speed and effect of running, but also the joints of the body. Mastering the correct running posture can achieve the purpose of exercise.

β—† adjustment of running breath

When running, the adjustment of breathing is also very important, which affects the durability of running and the exercise of cardiopulmonary function. Breathing without rhythm during running will not only disrupt your running rhythm, but also bring some damage to your heart and lungs. Therefore, in the process of running, we need to learn to adjust our breathing correctly. Usually when running

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