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So Many Sports Items, Suitable Shoes Are the Most Important

Having a pair of fit and comfortable shoes is the first important thing for athletes. Now there are many kinds of sneakers on the market. It is hard for us to choose when we want buy. We can choose shoes from these five factors.

1、 Shoe tip

The first function of the is to protect our feet from friction injury. After wearing shoes, there should be a distance of about one centimeter between the shoe tip and our toe. If the shoe tip is too narrow, it will affect our foot work well. When we buy shoes, we can take out the insole and put shoes on our bare feet to check if the shoes are narrow or not.

2、 Vamp

The function of the vamp is to wrap the foot, increase the air permeability of the shoe, and wrap the foot with stability. When we exercise, we wear a pair of shoes with good air permeability, which is especially conducive to the blood circulation and heat dissipation of our feet. Therefore, when we choose sports shoes, we should choose light, breathable and comfortable sports shoes, preferably made of nylon, and then equipped with mesh as the upper. At the same time, socks are also very important. We should insist on washing socks after exercise. If the socks stay for a few days after exercise, the bacteria that breed in them are likely to cause great harm to the feet.

3、 Shoelace hole

Maybe many of us haven’t considered the laces of shoes. But its a important role. It can stabilize the foot and reduce the friction between the foot and shoes. When choosing shoes, try to choose the design of more shoelace holes, which is conducive to people with different foot arch radians. By adjusting the shoelaces, the shoes can wrap the feet and prevent our feet from slipping.

4、 Heel opening

The heel opening of shoes can stabilize the Achilles tendon. It is generally made of relatively soft materials. And the heel mouth is generally U-shaped, which can reduce the friction and damage to the Achilles tendon. So when we choose shoes, we try to choose the ones with soft and U shape heel mouth.

5、 Sole

The sole has many functions and is also a very important aspect. It will provide you with the function of grasping the ground and enhance your flexibility. The sole can also absorb and release energy and cushion the impact of the sole. If the sole of our shoes is too soft, it is difficult for the shoes to stabilize our ankle. If our ankle has a history of sports injury, it may induce the recurrence of sports injury. If the sole is too hard, our arch will be too hard. Therefore, when we buy shoes, we can check the sole with our hands. If it is not too soft and hard and can be restored quickly, it is more suitable for sports. And the thickness of the sole should not be less than two centimeters. Too thin shoes will hurt our feet.

In addition, we will have some very beautiful or special meaning shoes. if we like the shoes very much, we can keep them. But don’t wear them for sports any more. No matter what a good shoes, they can’t support us to exercise for more than four or five years, especially in the long-term training such as weight loss. The reason is that sports shoes will become “big” and less elastic after being worn for a long time. They are no longer suitable for us to exercise.

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