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The Benefits and Precautions of Running for Women

Exercise makes people fit and healthy, and it’s the same for women. If women insist on running, there will be many benefits, such as maintaining body shape and losing weight, strengthening bones, and enhancing immunity. However, running at the same time will also bring some disadvantages. If the running posture is not correct, it is easy to cause greater pressure on the knees. So, how should female friends run? What are the precautions for female running? Let’s find out together!

The benefits of running for women:

  1. Lose weight.

By running 3 times a week, women can fight the risk of gaining weight. Even if the diet is not deliberately controlled, it will not grow an unsightly belly.

  • Improve memory.

People who run regularly have more elastic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular vessels and smoother blood circulation. Research data shows that people who like to exercise have 1 to 1.5 million more red blood cells per cubic millimeter of blood than the average person, and blood circulation is twice as high as the average person’s. The increased amount of red blood cells and blood circulation can provide more sufficient oxygen and nutrients to the brain tissue so that the brain can move more freely and think more quickly.

  • Better skin.

Regular physical activity can help fight skin aging and can make your skin look younger, even ten years younger. Because exercise can accelerate blood circulation and improve skin metabolism. And when you exercise, sweat can take away a lot of dirt in your pores. Many large pores and acne problems are caused by the accumulation of this dirt. After these specks of dirt are removed, the corresponding skin problems will naturally improve or even disappear.

  • Reduce the incidence of breast cancer and other cancers.

For women, reducing the incidence of breast and other cancers has a lot to do with the amount and intensity of physical activity. Women who participated in regular exercise, including running, especially running for more than 4 hours per week, had a 37% lower incidence than women who were sedentary at work and home for many years.

  • Maintain bone health.

After the age of 30, the bone density of the human body will decrease by 0.75%-1% per year, and self-loading exercise such as running is an effective way to strengthen the bones.

  • Stay away from high blood pressure and diabetes.

Regular running can lower resting blood pressure and prevent and treat diabetes. In general, active women were 54% less likely to develop cardiovascular disease than inactive women.

  • Relieves the discomfort before menstruation.

Women’s continuous 3-month aerobic running exercise can effectively relieve PMS. 

Precautions when running for women:

  1. Stretch before running.

After we got on the treadmill, don’t rush to start running. Do a brisk walk for about 10 minutes first, then stop. Do some fitness exercises to stretch your joints and muscles on the treadmill or beside it.

  • Replenishing water needs to be scientific.

Many female friends have always been vague about hydration in sports. When exercising, you need to replenish the water regularly and quantitatively. You can’t replenish water until you are thirsty, and you can’t replenish a large amount of water at one time. You only need one sip each time.

  • Warm up.

You should do warm-up activities before going on the treadmill, otherwise, it is easy to cause thigh and calf muscle strain. Leg presses, squats, stretches, and flexion of joints can increase the temperature of the muscles and make them more supple.

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