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The difference between marathon shoes and jogging shoes

The difference between marathon shoes and jogging shoes

When running, one should carefully choose suitable running shoes or marathon running shoes. If you do not wear specialized shoes, there is a risk of foot pain, heel pain, foot blistering, and nail damage. The most important equipment in running is shoes, as they come into direct contact with the ground, and the quality of the shoes directly affects a person’s running mood and effect. Adding a pair of good running shoes to a classmate who often runs is like adding wings to a tiger. Not only does it run fast, but it is also very comfortable to run. Let’s take a look at the difference between jogging shoes and marathon shoes!

1. Marathon shoes
The biggest feature of marathon shoes is that the sole is soft and elastic, and the upper fabric is breathable and not waterproof. Especially, the toe should be soft to protect the toes, most of which are made of nylon. Marathon shoes are the most comfortable when running. Marathon shoes are used for long-distance running, so they are particularly lightweight, with soft soles and some uppers still hollow out. So, marathon shoes can only be used exclusively for shoes.

The difference between marathon shoes and jogging shoes

2. Jogging shoes
Jogging shoes are a type of sports shoes specifically designed for jogging. Typical jogging shoes are lightweight, soft, and have good breathability. The sole can withstand repeated impacts.

3. The difference between jogging shoes and marathon shoes is that jogging shoes are generally suitable for jogging, but they are not suitable for running too much or too fast. Marathon shoes are more professional, relatively lightweight, and have better elasticity. You can run fast or slow as you please. Additionally, jogging shoes may have multiple uses, relatively stronger, and higher costs. Some people feel that wearing jogging shoes is more comfortable for running. Generally, there are more marathon shoes. For those of us who often run without jogging shoes, we generally recommend marathon shoes. Of course, if you don’t run very fast and the distance is not very long (6-10k or above), then jogging shoes are also sufficient.

4. How to choose the right sports shoes
Firstly, different sports require different shoes, and professional shoes can provide professional protection.
Secondly, the shock absorption function of sports shoes is quite important, and for regular running and jumping sports, a pair of good shoes that can relieve knee pressure is even more needed.
Then, the sizes marked by various brands are only for reference, and generally the actual size of the trial shoes should be taken as the standard. Some models of running shoes have a smaller shape, some models have a thinner shape, and some models have a wider shape. You can choose suitable shoes based on your own foot shape. When buying running shoes, be sure to try them on, and wear the cotton socks you wear during running to try them on. Check if it fits and feels comfortable. Comfort is very important when choosing sports shoes.

There are two principles for shoe testing: one is not to squeeze the feet, and the other is to try to fit the feet as tightly as possible, preferably slightly tight rather than too large. Some shoes may feel slightly tight when you first wear them, but in reality, after wearing them for a period of time, you will stretch them up a bit, which is just right. Otherwise, the shoes will become too large when they are stretched out later, which can easily cause the feet to move back and forth with the shoes during running, affecting your running

Finally, it is best to choose a large brand when choosing shoes. Shoes produced by small workshops are likely to have quality issues and pose a threat to health.

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