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Three Ways to Dry Shoes You Didn’t Know

In fact, there are many common knowledge in life that we are not very clear about, such as using a hair dryer to blow shoes faster? If it’s a good pair of shoes, try not to blow them. The high temperature of the hair dryer can easily deform the shoes. If it’s white shoes, it’s even more difficult to blow them. If they dry, they will have yellow marks that won’t wash off next time. Below, the editor will share with you three simple shoe drying methods, teaching us how to quickly and effectively maintain shoes

Can I use a hair dryer to dry my shoes
First of all, it depends on how much moisture the shoes have soaked through. If it’s not too wet, you can use a hair dryer to dry it. If it’s too wet, it’s better not to use it. Secondly, it also depends on whether shoes are expensive. If it is a good shoe, try not to blow it as it is prone to deformation; If the shoes are not expensive, you can consider them. Secondly, it also depends on the color of the shoes. If they are white shoes, they cannot be blown out. If they dry, there will be yellow marks, which cannot be washed off next time.

The benefits of blowing shoes with a hair dryer
Many people come home after a busy day and often just take off their shoes. At this time, there is no sunlight, and the sweat and bacteria inside the shoes that have been worn for a whole day will exist in it. When everyone wears them again the next day, the moisture and bacteria inside the shoes will still exist, which can easily cause foot discomfort. So before putting on shoes, everyone should first use a hair dryer to blow inside the shoes for a while, and use hot air to remove the moisture inside the shoes, so that bacteria will naturally disappear. Therefore, in this case, when you put on shoes again, you can effectively protect your feet from bacteria and make them more comfortable to wear.

Woman putting mesh with white sneakers into washing machine, closeup

Three Simple Shoe Drying Methods
Using the sun exposure method requires sufficient time, and if there is not enough time, it is not recommended to use it. The specific operation step is to fully open the shoelaces of the shoes, open the tongue area, and remove the group sign. This can allow sufficient sunlight to shine on the inside of the shoes. Although the method of sunlight exposure may cause some damage to our shoes, it saves time.

Adopting the baking method is the simplest and most effective method, but we do not recommend it. If we use the improper baking method for shoes, it may cause irreparable damage to the shoes, such as deformation, debonding, and cracking of the adhesive layer. But if there is no sunlight and we have to use this method, we must have someone nearby to take care of our shoes when baking. The specific operation steps are to first treat the shoes according to the sun drying method, and then place the shoes at a distance of about 60 centimeters from the fire source for baking, and remember not to be too close to the fire source. Friendly reminder: Be sure to place it in a suitable position from the fire source, not too close! Avoid cracking the leather part of the shoes due to the high temperature of the fire source, and ensure that personnel are guarding the shoes while they are being baked.

The third method of temperature dehumidification may be less commonly used or not used, but it is indeed a feasible method confirmed by our years of experience. The specific method is to pour boiling hot water into the heat-resistant water bottle we carry with us, use a plastic bag to wrap the heat-resistant water bottle and stuff it into the shoes, then put the shoes in the plastic, let it sit for about 40 minutes, and take out the shoes, You will find that at least 80% of the shoes have been dried by this time.

Precautions for blowing shoes with a hair dryer
Although using a hair dryer to blow shoes can effectively help remove moisture from the shoes and prevent the occurrence of foot odor. But there are some things to pay attention to during use. Firstly, when using a hair dryer to blow your shoes, be sure to adjust according to the texture of your shoes. For example, for shoes that look like glue, when using a hair dryer to blow them, it is important not to let it last too long because rubber shoes are not heat-resistant. If blown for a long time, it may cause deformation and detachment of the shoes.

A method for quickly drying shoes
When we are eating snacks, we actually put small bags of desiccant in many snacks. After finishing the snacks, you can collect these dry explosives. After collecting a certain amount, these dry explosives can be directly placed in the shoes. As long as there is a sufficient amount of desiccant, basically one afternoon, the shoes can be dried

If some parts of the shoes accidentally get wet, but the actual area is not very large, if you want to dry the shoes as soon as possible, you can directly take the iron and comfort the shoes. Shoes can dry quickly where they get wet. This method is only suitable for shoes that can be ironed with an iron. For example, canvas shoes are more suitable.

If you accidentally get water on some parts of your shoes and want them to dry as soon as possible, you can directly take your home electric hair dryer and blow it to the hot air position, directly facing the area with water. After blowing for a few minutes, the wet areas of the shoes can dry out. But if your shoes are white, don’t use this method, otherwise there will be unsightly yellow marks on the white shoes

If your shoes are wet and you want them to dry out as soon as possible, you can take some old newspapers from your home and roll them into a ball first
After that, put it directly into the shoes and then wrap them in some old newspapers. Then expose the shoes to the sun, so they can dry quickly. Special shoe dryer. If you want the shoes to dry as soon as possible without causing harm to the shoes, you can directly use the special shoe dryer. The special shoe dryer can effectively and quickly dry and explode the toe area that is particularly difficult to dry

Toilet paper. If the wet shoes happen to be white and you want the white shoes to dry out as soon as possible, you can directly take some toilet paper and wrap it on the shoes. Then cover the shoes with a black plastic bag and expose them to the sun. Shoes can also dry quickly, and white shoes will become even whiter.

Hot water bags. After washing the shoes, they won’t dry for a while and a half. If you want the shoes to dry quickly, you can prepare two hot water bags and put them directly inside the shoes. Then, place the shoes in a sealed plastic bag. After about two hours of rest, the shoes are basically completely dry

Place bamboo charcoal bags. If your shoes get wet accidentally and you need to wear them urgently the next day, you want the shoes to dry quickly at this time. You can simply put some bamboo charcoal bags inside the shoes. Bamboo charcoal bags not only effectively remove the dampness of shoes, but also effectively absorb some odors on the shoes.

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