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Tips for Matching Sneakers and Pants

Many people often wear sneakers in their daily life because of their convenience. Because of their unique design, sports shoes can relax and protect people’s feet during exercise. The appearance rate of sneakers with pants is often the most. So, how do sneakers match pants? How much do you know about the skills of matching sneakers with pants? I will introduce it to you below.

  1. Sneakers + jeans 

In recent years, many celebrities and actresses only love sneakers with jeans. Because sneakers are not only comfortable and lightweight but also have youthful vitality. Mixing and matching with various styles of clothing is more personalized, which will make you attractive.

  • Sneakers + wide leg pants 

Elegant wide-leg pants have long become a must-have item in the fashion world. Even if a girl with thick legs wears wide-leg pants, they will cover the flesh and look thin, and walk with the wind. It is a must-have for summer matching, showing thin legs, and is full of aura. Matching with different shoes can also create a variety of styles. With sports shoes, the office lady style has a casual taste. It is right to wear it on any occasion when you go to work or go to get off work!

  • Sneakers + casual pants

Sneakers + slacks are simply double casual. The best design of slacks is that many slacks have nine points or exposed ankles, which makes it easy to create long legs, and paired with sneakers, it is the most fashionable standard for going out on the street.

Sports Shoes Matching Skills

If you want to obtain various effects of color matching of sports shoes, such as strong and eye-catching, elegant, light and lively, classical and solemn, innocent and romantic, concise and generous, and youthful vitality, you need to understand the following rules of composition of sports shoes color matching. 

  1. Color matching

Color echo is a certain color in the application and performance of sports shoes, rather than simply existing, but there is the same or similar color echo somewhere in the same shoe. 

  • Contrasting colors

Use the difference in certain properties of color, such as color fringe, brightness, purity, size, cool and warm feeling, etc., to make the color composition effect of sports shoes eye-catching, strong contrast, and eye-catching. This design applied to sports footwear is the most creative and contemporary feature. This design applied to sports footwear is the most creative and contemporary feature.

  • Color unity

The unity of color is the unity presented in the color composition of the sneaker. There are two specific forms of expression: the first is to use a single color feature so that the color design of sports shoes has a certain charm and is in line with fashion. The other is similar to color harmony. Unified color matching makes the color of the product have an overall power. If it is not a commonly used color, the larger the area, the stronger the visual effect.

  • Color accent

Through an emphasis on the use of color, a certain key part or component of the sports shoes is expressed, and the design characteristics and brand are displayed. The contrast of colors is purely the pursuit of a distinct color-matching effect. Color emphasis consciously expresses a certain point, at the same time, it is inseparable from the application of color contrast, including the hue, purity, and lightness of the color. 

  • Color rhythm

The rhythmic design and use of color are especially suitable for the design of sports shoes. The design of color rhythm is represented by the regular and repeated appearance of colors, usually expressed in hue, purity, lightness, pattern, etc. When used well, the color effect of sneakers is more happy, lively, free, and dynamic.

  • Color Innovation

Color constitutes an important feature of the art of sports shoes. The success and novelty of the color design are the most attractive in the expression of design language. It is necessary to master and apply the rules of color matching skillfully. In the process of design, it is necessary to master the method and pursue innovation. The innovation of sports shoes is manifested in breaking through the traditional color-matching rules, creating a new color-matching visual effect to attract consumers’ attention and consumption of products.

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