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What are the differences between basketball shoes and football shoes

First of all, from the perspective of appearance, football shoes are relatively light and compact, while basketball shoes are relatively large in size and heavy in weight.

Secondly, the functions of the two kind shoes are different. Basketball shoes need to have good durability, support, stability, comfort and good shock absorption, while football shoes emphasize good grip. Moreover, because football shoes need to contact the ball, people now more develop the streamline of football shoes and make the upper of football shoes better contact with football. Basketball shoes do not need to consider this point.

Can you play football with basketball shoes

Not suitable.

Basketball shoes will get old quickly when playing football. After all, football shoes consider that the upper should be in fierce contact with the ball, and the ground is also very different, so the grip of shoes is very different.

How to maintain basketball shoes

1、 Clean the shoes regularly and gently wipe them with a damp cloth (be careful not to use too much water). Squeeze some toothpaste on the dirty places, and then clean them with a toothbrush. When cleaning, wipe the upper dry and do not brush violently.

2、 Avoid soaking, insolation and fire baking of shoes, so as to avoid deformation of shoes and fracture of upper. Never contact shoes with corrosive solvents such as acid, alkali and oil. Maintain more than two pairs of replaceable shoes and let the shoes rest in turn.

3、 Pay attention to special shoes. Canvas shoes, casual shoes and sandals should not be used for strenuous exercise. Indoor sports shoes should not be used for strenuous outdoor exercise.

Common types of football shoes

1,sg sneakers. This type of sneakers uses metal as nails, and the number of nails is relatively small. These shoes are suitable for playing football on real grass, such as those professional players.

2,fg sneakers. This type of sneakers has long nails, so it is also called long nail shoes. But the nails are not made of metal, but long rubber nails, which are made of rubber. These shoes are suitable for hard venues, such as wooden venues.

3,tf sneakers, have short nails and many nails. They are soft glue nails, which are suitable for wearing on artificial grass.

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