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What equipment and precautions do you need for summer running

It’s hot in summer. For sports lovers, running in the high temperature and sunny sun is also a big challenge. So is it good to running in summer? Running in summer can promote the absorption of calcium, sweat a lot, improve basic metabolism and strengthen the discharge of body waste. However, we should pay attention to heatstroke prevention, and the materials that absorb sweat and dry quickly should be selected in the selection of equipment. Today, let’s introduce the relevant knowledge of running in summer.

1、 Benefits of running in summer

Running in the sun can help the body produce vitamin D, which can not only promote the absorption of calcium and prevent osteoporosis. Of course, exposure to the sun for too long time is also harmful to the body.

Sweating during running can improve basic metabolism and strengthen the discharge of body waste. According to the research, after sweating, if there is wind with a speed of more than 3m per second around, the body will feel cool. So as long as you keep this speed, you can feel naturally cool!

2、 Disadvantages of running in summer

Prone to heatstroke.

3、 Equipment of summer running

Running equipment in summer requires good ventilation and perspiration. Choose light colored sportswear to protect against harmful rays in the sun. Empty top hat, sweat guide belt, sunglasses, water, etc

Sports accessories are also essential for running in high temperatures.

  • Put anti sun products half an hour before running. It is best to use products with SPF coefficient of more than 15 and can prevent blocking ultraviolet UVA and UVB.
  • Wear a heart rate watch, know your heart rate range by monitoring your heart rate, and try to control it within the range of aerobic low heart rate.
  • The purpose of buying hats is very clear, which is to avoid direct sunlight on the face and protect the face from burns. There are many lightweight hats with good water absorption on the market. There is no need to worry about sweating.
  • Don’t wear pure cotton clothes for running. The characteristic of pure cotton clothes is to absorb sweat, you will sweat a lot during running. However, pure cotton clothes can’t dry after absorbing sweat, so the clothes will stick to the body, which is not conducive to the swing of the body, but also make people catch a cold. If the weather is muggy, the pure cotton clothes are very airtight after absorbing sweat, and the hot air on the body cannot be discharged, which will make people feel very hot and uncomfortable. So when running, you’d better choose the clothes with fast drying fabric. This kind of clothes has excellent air permeability and is very suitable for running.
  • Wear mesh clothes. Choose clothes carefully. Try to focus on light color and loose clothes to help the body breathe and cool down. Wear a mesh cloth to run, absolutely relaxed. Such clothes are breathable and light, making you feel as cool as possible.
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