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What should you pay attention to when wearing sandals in summer to maintain health and demeanor

With the approach of summer, everyone slowly took out the sandals from the shoe cabinet. Although sandals are cool to wear, do you know what kind of sandals to wear to ensure your health and demeanor? You may be able to understand some of them through the text below.
1.The heel is too high to affect the posture
Wearing a pair of suitable high-heeled sandals can not only show the beautiful curves of the legs but also increase the mature charm of women. According to foreign researchers, wearing high-heeled shoes with appropriate height is like placing an artificial arch on the sole, which can make the muscles on the inner side of the leg stronger, which can not only prevent muscle and joint damage, but reduce fatigue from walking, and keep the body straight and increase the beauty of the body. However, experts also reminded that the height of the heel is also limited, 2-3 cm is the most suitable, too high or the heels on the left and right sides are not the same height will damage health. If the heel is too high, the center of gravity will lean forward too much, and the center of gravity of the body will move to the forefoot, which will cause the toes to be squeezed and affect the blood circulation of the whole body. When people walk, they will change their normal posture, the waist will be too straight, the buttocks will bulge, and the pelvic tilt will be increased. If the height of the left and right heels is different, the pelvis will be distorted, the spine will be injured over time, and symptoms such as shoulder and neck pain may also occur.
2.Wear less slippers
In recent years, there have been many fashionable sandals and slippers on the market, including high heels, two toe clips, and thin straps covering five toes. According to British surgeons, wearing sandals, especially high-heeled sandals, causes the calf muscles to be severely stretched, and it also causes excessive fatigue and damage to the Achilles tendon. Flip-flops are even more harmful to people’s health, because this kind of shoes will make the wearer lack the support of strength when walking, and their toes will slowly curl into a claw shape. Experts suggest that sandals and slippers can be worn when going to the beach. At other times, it is best to choose a pair of sandals with heels or laces for your feet. Try not to choose shoes that cannot help the toes and insteps, such as the instep shoelaces are thin and few.
3.Don’t wear shoes with bare feet
In summer, people often wear sandals barefoot. Relevant experts pointed out that wearing sandals barefoot is not conducive to the health of feet. In hot weather, people’s feet are prone to sweating. Wearing shoes without socks will directly soak the skin on the feet in sweat. If you wear leather sandals and plastic sandals with poor ventilation, it is very easy to cause foot fungal infections and other foot diseases. Wearing sandals with bare feet can also easily cause people to suffer from sandal dermatitis. Because many sandals are made of chemical substances, which are irritating the skin. People with allergies are prone to skin redness, erosion, or blisters after contacting them. Therefore, try not to wear sandals with bare feet, especially for those with skin allergies, and do not make direct contact with the skin and sandals for a long time. When the weather is hot, you can choose thinner cotton socks to absorb sweat, and add cotton insoles if necessary.

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