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Why Sports Shoes Are More Popular and Its Five Characteristics

Sports shoes are designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of people participating in sports or tourism. For example, the soles of sports shoes are different from ordinary leather shoes and rubber shoes. They are generally soft and elastic, which can play a certain buffer role. some can prevent ankle injury. Here are its five more detailed features

1. Sport shoes material is very soft and elastic, which can cushion the feet to a certain extent, and enhance the elasticity during sports. Good sports shoes can also prevent our ankles from being injured. Therefore, when people are playing sports, it is recommended to wear special sports shoes, especially when people play some high-intensity sports.

2. The lines of sports shoes are also different from those of ordinary shoes. Most of the lines of sports shoes are complex and diverse, including single line, double line, false line, open line, dotted line, contour line, edge line, seam line, decorative line, etc. they can be applied to a pair of shoes at the same time. Most of them are arc lines, but straight lines is less. Moreover, the color range of sports shoes also wide . which making sports shoes colorful.

3.About the decoration of sports shoes, there are patterns, logo or some metal and plastic components, the decorative parts are free. Most of them are fashion and bright, people have more choice when choose sports shoes.

4.The shape of the outsole of sports shoes is also different. Generally, there are two or four small patterns, and of course, there are rough free patterns also. In addition, in order to helping people playing sports, the height between front and rear of shoes are small.

5. The materials used in sports shoes are more widely than cloth shoes and leather shoes. The surface of sports shoes are generally made of artificial leather or leather. the materials of outsole, are Pu and rubber, some manufacture also use thermoplastic elastomer, polymer composite materials and other materials, while the auxiliary materials are mostly metal and plastic parts.

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